BURK Technologies, Inc. 


Website Design and Development

We also use the following tools and technologies as the needs arise:

  1. -HTML5

  2. -Cascading Style Sheets (CSS3)

  3. -Adobe Dreamweaver

  4. -Adobe Fireworks

  5. -Adobe Photoshop

  6. -Javascript

  7. -Adobe ColdFusion Builder

Your Website Can Have These Features:

  1. -Real time data reports

  2. -Interactive charts and graphs

  3. -Information search & retrieval pages

  4. -Online order processing with  credit card validation

  5. -Multiple security levels based on login IDs

  6. -Import/export from Excel, PDF, CSV and other file formats

  7. -Blogs, podcasts or wikis

  8. -Custom business process pages

  9. -Links to social networking sites

BURK Technologies specializes in data-driven website development using Adobe’s ColdFusion application development environment. ColdFusion allows the rapid development and testing of websites which can display real-time, dynamic data stored in databases such as Access and SQL Server.

Business and Internet Consulting

Website Design and Development


Unique Ideas and Programs That Create Value!

Idea #5 - We can modify most websites to take advantage of most of the features of mobile devices such as the iPad, iPhone and Android devices. Alternatively, we can redesign you site specifically for mobile devices without using xCode and going through the Apple certification process.