BURK Technologies, Inc.


Business and Internet Consulting

Website Design and Development

Non Profit Expertise

BURK Technologies provides specialized services to professional and nonprofit organizations. Our services include: marketing, membership processing, order processing as well as data and document retrieval:


  1. -Email campaigns

  2. -New produce and meeting announcements

  3. -Online meeting registration

  4. -Personalized web brochures

  5. -User feedback pages

Membership Processing

  1. -Online processing of new members and renewal of existing memberships

  2. -Web-based credit card transaction processing

  3. -Multiple membership categories linked to access to site features

  4. -Member benefits pages with downloadable information kits

Data and Document Retrieval

  1. -Search for data and documents by title, keyword, category, etc.

  2. -Preview data/documents before purchase

  3. -Dynamic searches using various back-end databases

The Commission on Professionals in Science and Technology (CPST)

BURK Technologies assisted CPST with marketing, member services, publication processing and website development for over 12 years.

During that time CPST’s membership and publication revenue increased while its membership services expanded significantly.

Let BURK Technologies develop a plan for your professional organization or non profit to increase revenues and improve services to your members.

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Unique Ideas and Programs That Create Value!

Idea #10 - In order to get your members more engaged with your website, try offering them a member profile page. The member profile page captures their areas of interest. When a new article, document or publication becomes available which matches their interests, automatically send them an email with instructions for purchase and/or download.

Order Processing

  1. -Online order processing with real-time credit card verification and product download

  2. -Order can be for publications, books, reports, data tables or other products

  3. -Table of Contents and Index views for documents and publications

  4. -Blank views for marketing data tables

  5. -Automatic email confirmation of order placement