BURK Technologies, Inc. 


Our services are predicated on first understanding your business, then providing services and solutions which are tailored to your specific business needs.

Business and Internet Consulting

BURK Technologies provides an array of consulting services aimed at the effective use of Internet technologies to further our client’s business goals. Internet consulting services include:

  1. -Strategic marketing plans

  2. -Website design with prototyping

  3. -Website development and testing

  4. -Database design and development with support for dynamic content

  5. -Ongoing content updating

Business and Internet Consulting

Website Design and Development


Unique Ideas and Programs That Create Value!

Idea #7 - Social networking is not for every business. Before you commit your business to a FaceBook or Twitter account, be sure you have at least one person in your organization who is verbal, articulate and has at least 30 minutes each day to update you pages and converse with your friends.